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Declaration on SDGs

We declare our support for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations and will proactively make efforts to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Goals of SDGs17

March 31, 2023
Takayuki Maegaito CEO

Our Efforts Toward Achieving the SDGs

Human Rights & Labor

In order to achieve a healthy work-life balance, we are proactively investing in human resources and taking steps to improve work environments in order to create a workplace that is comfortable and rewarding for all of our employees.

  • Realization of diversified work styles including telework and flex-time systems
  • Support for external training dispatch and acquisition of recommended qualifications (language and specialization exams)
  • Taking measures and initiatives to maintain good mental and physical health
  • [Goal 4] Quality Education
  • [Goal 5] Gender Equality
  • [Goal 11] Sustainable Cities and Communities

Promoting Digitalization and Improving Productivity

In order to provide further added value to our customers, we are actively promoting the digitization of our operations and the shift to online-based services.

  • Reducing paper use by going paperless and using electronic documents
  • Reducing labor through the use of digitized documents
  • Electronic applications through workflow implementation
  • [Goal 8] Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • [Goal 9] Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


We perform appropriate management and disposal of waste while promoting the 3Rs. We are also taking systematic steps to reduce CO2 emissions with the goal of achieving carbon neutrality.

  • Thoroughly separating waste to promote recycling, reuse, and reduction
  • Performing energy conservation optimization diagnostics
  • Making efforts to recycle waste material
  • [Goal 7] Affordable and Clean Energy
  • [Goal 12] Responsible Consumption and Production
  • [Goal 13] Climate Action

Services & Business Operation Structure

We are making efforts to improve quality, ensure compliance with laws and regulations, and strengthen risk management in order to provide better services as well as and safer and more reliable products for our customers, society, and the environment.

  • Repair business
  • Developing products and purchasing equipment using recycled materials, etc.
  • Reaffirmation, strengthening, and thorough implementation of internal compliance measures
  • [Goal 6] Clean Water and Sanitation
  • [Goal 14] Life Below Water
  • [Goal 15] Life On Land