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Our Vision

Our Vision

We don’t only use our carefully nurtured waterproof sewing technology for manufacturing purposes. We strive to create, produce, and sell products for the people who work in all environments safer, easier, and more enjoyable. Our aim is: to carefully consider the demands of our clients; offer the best customer service possible; and to maintain a profitable enterprise that makes a positive contribution to society while performing groundbreaking work as a tight-knit team.

Corporate Philosophy

Contribute to Society (Corporate Management that Helps Society)

What’s the purpose of work? For us, work isn’t just a means to survive: we work to develop confidence in ourselves and transform society for the better.

Proper Management (Corporate Management based on Fairness)

Fairness is at the heart of management. We strive to run the company fairly, secure a fair profit, and sell our products honestly. To achieve this goal, we have created an organization with an open-door policy. We value our independence and try to take the road less travelled in our business endeavors. This allows us to see things from brand new perspectives and adjust our goals accordingly.

Growth (An Enterprise Aiming for Growth)

We have 5 core concepts for corporate growth.
(1) Critique all the practices of the past and recreate the best systems based on rational thinking.
(2) Pay attention to the individual while taking teamwork seriously in a flexible organization. Respect the autonomy of the employee.
(3) Take a proactive approach to challenges and never shy away from difficulties and competition.
(4) Always be future focused and positive.
(5) Learning is the foundation of everything.